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Dear Friend,
I'm sure that if you are over the age of 45 you have already heard about the health problems associated with your prostate. And it's probably worrying you.

And it should!

With every passing year, you are more likely to suffer from the many symptoms of prostate degeneration including: frequent urination throughout the day and night, weak urine flow, pain, and difficulty urinating.

According to the National Institute of Health, prostate problems like BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) will strike men as early as 40 and seriously affect the lives of 9 out of 10 men by the time they reach their 70s.

It's scary. But it doesn't have to be. Here at Superbalife International, we have been investigating, researching and developing men's prostate health formulas for years, and I am happy to tell you we came up with a supplement with more saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol that really works. Even in situations that seem helpless!

Now  The Solution to Your Prostate Problems is Here!
It’s Called Prostavar.

prostate supportYou may not know it, but most prostate supplements on the market today don’t contain the right amount of ingredients to do anything, but empty your wallet!

It’s true. That’s why we decided to formulate Prostavar with all the tested and proven dosages, bioavailabilities, and ultimate recommendations of saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol. We wanted to be absolutely sure that our customers get the results that scientific studies have promised us. The good news: Prostavar Really Works!!

Let me put it as plainly as I can: When it comes to effectiveness, the only thing that counts is getting pure, high-quality ingredients like saw-palmetto and beta-sitosterol in the right amounts! And that’s exactly what we did with Prostavar. The key is our Super Critical Extraction Process.

To understand how Prostavar works... I must first explain the way your prostate gets swollen.
Your Prostate Is A Balloon Waiting To Pop!

Every day you do nothing, is another day closer to serious prostate complications. Ignore the problem and linger, and you’ll find yourself facing:
1) Urinary Tract Problems (that could be fatal if left untreated)
2) Harsh Prescription Drugs (that could have you suffering with unwanted side effects)
3) Prostate Surgery ( that could leave you with unwanted sexual dysfunction)
4) And worse...
Remember, an astonishingly large number of men eventually succumb to extremely serious prostate problems.
Have You Recently Experienced Any Of These Symptoms?
A Need To Pass Urine Frequently
Nightly Wakening To Empty Bladder
A Weak Urine Flow
A Constant Feeling That The Bladder Isn’t Completely Empty
Pain, Burning, And Difficulty In Stopping And Starting Urination
...Then I have good news for you!
Prostavar Can Have Your Prostate Completely Healthy
Sooner Than You Think!

prostate vitamin We tend to be low-key when touting our products and letting word of mouth be our best advertisement. But when it comes to a supplement that is...
so powerful... so complete... and so effective, it’s easy to tell you that this is the best product you will find anywhere!

This is not your typical drugstore prostate supplement. You won’t find low quality saw palmetto or beta-sitosterol here. You’ll get the purest of ingredients in all the right amounts. The key is our Super Critical Extraction Process.

Prostavar does it your body the optimal amounts of beta-sitosterol, saw palmetto, lycopene, and zinc. These dynamic nutrients will and can start shrinking your prostate in a matter of weeks!

The Search Is Over...
Here’s Your Chance To End Your Prostate Woes Forever!

I’m sure you have questions about Prostavar, so please take your time and look around our website.  And I believe you’ll get a better understanding of just what an incredible and different kind of prostate support supplement Prostavar is.

Prostavar is the strongest natural prostate supplement you can give your body.  Bar none!  Don’t’ waste another day waiting. Do something now to protect your health and relieve your troubles.

Place your order online now. Every day your prostate health is at risk.  Don’t let time get away from you for it’s our most precious gift!


Fred Buckley
Superbalife International
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