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"I was terrified when my doctor told me my PSA score was high and was not going down despite taking a well-known prescription drug. I changed my diet and read everything I could on natural prostate solutions and on herbal prostate pills, and that's how I discovered Prostavar. After taking it for only a few months, not only were my prostate problems getting much better, but my PSA score dropped. My doctor was extremely impressed and he has been recommending Prostavar to other men as well. Every man should take this product. I have told all my friends to get Prostavar. Thank you very much for your great product."

Art B., Topsfield, Massachusetts

"I'm a 68 year old retired radio news reporter and I have been living a nightmare for close to eight years. For the past 7-plus years I have gotten up twice nightly, normally at 2:30 am, and then at 4:30 am, to go to the bathroom. I was unable to get a good night's sleep. This not only affects me, but each time I get up it also wakes my wife up since we only have a queen-sized bed.

I tried Flomax and the other drugs and had some success during the day, so I wasn't going to the bathroom as often. But it did not help at night, and the side-effects ultimately were too much for me to bare. The headaches and dizziness were killing me. I tried a few saw palmetto herbal prostate pills and they didn't work for me either. One of my buddies told me about Prostavar and how well it was working for him. Within 10 DAYS I was sleeping through the night every single time! The first night it happened my wife actually woke me up when I didn't wake up at 4:30 in the morning, because she thought I had died! She was crying. Prostavar has changed both our lives."

Dave D., Granada Hills, California

"I am the defensive coordinator of a college football team. I can't tell you how many times I would be headed into a staff meeting or to a position meeting and suddenly I would urinate a small amount and it would leak right through my pants. Embarrassing and frustrating. I was always carrying something to hide my zipper area. But since I started taking Prostavar I no longer have this problem or any other prostate problems. It has really changed my life and made me feel like a real man again. I am writing this letter to you to help other men. I would tell any man out there to try it, it works and can change your life. Literally. Try it!"


"I just wanted to let you know that I am greatly pleased with Prostavar. I have been taking it for five months and have never felt better. I started to notice a difference after a few weeks, but I noticed a major difference in about six weeks. Each and every week I feel a little bit better. I had classic prostate symptoms like going to the bathroom constantly, and urgency prior to taking Prostavar. But those prostate problems have been greatly diminished.

Thank you very much for helping this area of my life so wonderfully."

Jerry W., Ballwin, Missouri

"I tried Flomax and other drugs and they all had size effects I couldn't deal with, such as headaches and dizziness, and they wiped out my sex life. But everything has been great with Prostavar. I feel like a real man again."

Martin G., Downers Grove, IL

"My wife and I both retired early with hopes of enjoying our "Golden Years." But things were not what we hoped because I was suffering a variety of prostate related problems. It greatly affected both our lives. I was getting up 2-3 times a night, every night - no exceptions - and I was in pain most days. Our sex life was virtually non-existent. I tried all the prescription pills with little success, and did not want to have any kind of surgery. So I basically chose to live with the pain, hoping something other than "going under the knife" or getting the "Roto Rooter" treatment, was on the horizon. I struck gold with Prostavar! I feel great now. I don't get up at night anymore, and all day long I just feel like I did in my early 50s. My wife and I are able to be intimate on a regular basis and everything else is back on track. We can travel and are finally enjoying our "Golden Years" as we hoped. Prostavar has changed my life. My wife is the one who actually found it and ordered for me. I'm a blessed guy."

Tom K. Roanoke, Virginia

"It seems like all you hear about is famous men getting prostate problems. Dennis Hopper, Robert DeNiro, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods' father, and on and on. I'm only 46 and I am using Prostavar as a kind of "prostate insurance" for my later years. Thanks for your research to develop this great product."

Bill Q., Houston, Texas

"I ordered a bottle of Super Beta Prostate after constantly hearing the ad on the radio, and quite honestly it didn’t make much of a difference for me. I also tried a few of the herbal prostate pills they sell at GNC and those didn’t work either. Then I saw your ad in the sports section of the paper and decided to give it a try. My prostate problems were the biggest problem in my life. My PSA score was not high, but I was just like the guys in the TV ads running to the bathroom all the time. I can’t tell you how many times I have pulled my car off the road and taken a leak behind a tree or behind a building. No more. My prostate difficulties are almost all gone. They are not totally gone, but the improvement has been night and day."

Charlie K., Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

"I was skeptical but decided to order Prostavar anyway. Not only am I satisfied at how it has helped me reduce my swollen prostate, but it has also significantly lowered my PSA score. Plus my love life has returned!! My wife and I haven’t been sexually active in a long, long time, so I am happy we are having sex again"

Boyd R., Pompano Beach, FL

"When I started using Prostavar my PSA score was 8.1. Now that I have been taking Prostavar for six months my PSA is down to 4.1. I am delighted and will continue to take your great product."

David H., Canton, North Carolina

"I've had prostate problems for over 20 years, and Prostavar is the first product that helped from the first night I took it. A long car trip was always a pain. Just finding usable restrooms, about every hour, meant that while my wife enjoyed the view, I'd be watching for restrooms. Now...I can pass rest stops with pleasure. I still don't drink coffee, but otherwise trips are again a pleasure."

Donnie C., Big Sur, California

"I have had prostate problems for about nine years. My symptoms were increased urination, mostly four or five times at night. I have taken many different types of medication, which did not help. Since using Prostavar, I go to the bathroom half as much."

Tony D., Burlingame, California

"After having prostate problems for 14 years, I now only get up once a night to use the bathroom. Thanks to Prostavar!"

David T., Plantation, Florida

"I guess I tried Prostavar just in time. My urine flow was no more than drops at certain times, and I worried about having to go through a catherer again. But I kept on and the flow increased. Now I feel confident that I'll have no more worries. DO NOT STOP MAKING THIS PRODUCT! Thanks."

Scott E., Grants Pass, Oregon