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STEP 1: Attack, Attack, Attack!

The first thing ProstaVar does is it attacks your swollen prostate to reduce your discomfort as quickly as possible. Clinical studies done on our key ingredient Beta -Sitosterol have shown that it is Beta-Sitosterol that has the greatest effect on reducing the swelling and irritation that a swollen prostate can cause. That is why we loaded ProstaVar with more Beta-Sitosterol than any other product on the market, so that men suffering can end their misery as fast as possible. So the first thing ProstaVar does is attack the main problem so that those with the most discomfort to start feeling good again.

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STEP 2: Strengthen Bladder

The next important step once the discomfort is gone, is to strengthen the muscles of your bladder.  The stronger the muscles in your bladder the easier it will be for you to urinate without dribbling and hesitation. ProstaVar was formulated with the concept of strengthening those unusual muscles with our targeted formula.

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STEP 3: Relax The Muscles

While we are strengthening the muscles of the bladder we are also simultaneously relaxing the muscles of the urethra and bladder.  This is a very positive effect of the reduction in the swelling of the prostate that occurs with ProstaVar. When the swelling continues to go down, it relieves the intense pressure that is on the urethra and bladder caused when your prostate is swollen.  As your bladder and urethra become more relaxed you will notice the feeling of tightness and the feeling of urgency will disappear. You will feel great once this unpleasantness is finally gone.

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STEP 4: Shrinkage

Once your are "out-of-the-woods" of the discomfort and you are relaxing and strengthening your bladder, the next key benefit is the continueded shrinkage of your prostate. The formula works to get it back to as close to your normal size as possible. The more inflamed your prostate and the greater its size the longer it takes to get it back down to normal size. Many men start feeling great within just a few short weeks, but the longer you take ProstaVar the more your prostate will continue to shrink in size and get you feeling like your old self again.

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STEP 5: Maintenance

Since all men will experience prostate problems eventually in their life, it is important to arm your prostate with as many beneficial weapons as possible to avoid serious prostate problems. Certainly diet and exercise are important and you should eat healthy and exercise as well, but nutritional support is also vital.  By taking ProstaVar on a daily basis you are saturating your prostate with crucial nutritional support that is targeted specifically as your prostate.  Long term care for your prostate is one of the chief aims of ProstaVar and should be something every man should benefit from.  You will experience significant long term benefits by supplementing your diet with ProstaVar.

the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia DNA replication & cell division
rapid cell proliferation

Cell proliferation causes enlargement of the prostate, constricting the urethra and interfering with the normal flow of urine.

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By taking Prostavar you will reduce the swelling and inflammation in your prostate.

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