Prostavar is Manufactured In The United States to Strict Standards!
To ensure the absolute highest quality and safety, we use one of the leading nutraceutical manufacturers in the United States to produce our unique Prostavar Formula in FDA certified facilities and following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

This means we follow the safety and quality steps required when manufacturing top nutritional products. Most supplements do not take all these steps when manufacturing because they are not required by law to do so. But we believe extra quality and safety assurances are worth the extra cost!

Yes, it costs about 50% more to produce Prostavar in the U.S. to GMP standards verses China, India, Malaysia, Africa (as some inferior products are), but this way we can insure that all Prostavar ingredients are pure and of the highest quality.

Triple Tested For Purity, Strength
And Exact Formulation!
To guarantee Prostavar is made to exact specifications, we triple test during manufacturing. While not required by law, it is required to meet our commitment to safety, quality and effectiveness.

1. All Prostavar ingredients are tested upon arrival from the supplier to ensure that they are the specified ingredient, they meet our purity and strength specifications, and are free from microbial, bacterial and chemical contaminants.

2. Once the ingredients are mixed, we test the blend to ensure it is exactly as specified before any capsules are made.

3. The finished capsules are tested to ensure that they are exactly as specified with the exact ingredients as required for our Prostavar formula.

Many inferior products are never tested at all by some companies. The manufacturers just hope that everything added is safe. In fact, sometimes raw ingredients are never tested, nor are the final tablets or capsules.

We have never understood this lack of concern for quality and safety. So always beware! Unless a company tells you, it may not test its products. Therefore, for your own safety, always ask about a product's quality and testing processes and procedures.

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