Safe Natural Ingredients
That Promote Prostate Health
Our unique all natural Prostavar formula uses high potency extracts to give you strong, consistent results that improve the overall health of the male reproductive system, tissue and genitals, reduce swollen prostate, shrink the prostate, energize sexual glands, rejuvenate the flow of hormones, improve testosterone, and increase blood flow to the penis

Carefully Formulated With
Your Safety In Mind
prostate help for menWe carefully selected each ingredient to maximize immediate and long-term benefits to your prostate and whole body health. To ensure you get strong, consistent results from every dose we use potent, pharmacy grade standardized herbal extracts.

This means we know the exact strength of the active compounds in each and every pill in every bottle of Prostavar is of exactly the same strength and purity.

When raw herbs are used you must ingest a lot more to get the amount of active compounds necessary to be effective (up to 100 times), and you are ingesting more inactive plant matter. The strength of the active compounds in each plant can be very different even for plants growing right next each other.

With herbal extracts you can count on every dose having the same amount of pure, active ingredients every time at the strength necessary to be safe and effective.

Manufactured Only In The U.S.
to Strict U.S. FDA Safety Standards!
prostate healthTo ensure the absolute highest quality and safety, we use one of the leading nutraceutical manufacturers in the United States to produce our unique Prostavar Formula in FDA certified facilities and following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

This means we follow the 21 safety and quality steps required when manufacturing prescription drugs. Most supplements do not take all these steps when manufacturing because they are not required by law to do so. But we believe extra quality and safety assurances are worth the extra cost!

Yes, it costs about 50% more to produce Prostavar in the U.S. to GMP standards verses China, India, Malaysia, Africa (as some inferior products are), but this way we can insure that all Prostavar ingredients are pure and meet all U.S. FDA safety and manufacturing standards.
Triple Tested For Purity, Strength
And Exact Formulation!
To guarantee Prostavar is made to exact specifications, we triple test during manufacturing. While not required by law, it is required to meet our commitment to safety, quality and effectiveness.
men prostate 1. All Prostavar ingredients are tested upon arrival from the supplier to ensure that they are the specified ingredient, they meet our purity and strength specifications, and are free from microbial, bacterial and chemical contaminants.
2. Once the ingredients are mixed, we test the blend to ensure it is exactly as specified before any pills are made.
3. The finished tablets are tested to ensure that they are exactly as specified with the exact ingredients as required for our Prostavar formula.
Many inferior products are never tested at all by some companies. The manufacturers just hope that everything added is safe. In fact, sometimes raw ingredients are never tested, nor are the final tablets.

We have never understood this lack of concern for quality and safety. So always beware! Unless a company tells you, it may not test its products. Therefore, for your own safety, always ask about a product's quality and testing processes and procedures.
The ingredients of Prostavar are as follows:


prostate symptoms Beta-Sitosterol: It is an inhibitor in the production of Dihydrotestosterone (or DHT), the hormone which stimulates prostate growth. Beta-sitosterol is in common foods that we eat daily, but only in very small amounts. Beta-sitosterol is completely safe and has absolutely no side effects. Beta-sitosterol is currently used as a prescription drug in Europe to reduce nighttime urination, frequency, urgency, dribbling and painful urination. It has a 20+ year history of effectiveness and safe use.

enlarged prostate Saw Palmetto: Supports healthy prostate function, improves body strength, supports healthy hormonal balance, healthy immune function and increases libido. Many studies show that Saw Palmetto extract can also alleviate many of the symptoms, such as increased urinary frequency, nighttime urination and reduced urine flow. A clinical trial conducted in France reported that the number of times men had to urinate at night decreased by 45%, and urine flow rate increased by 50%. The extract lowered nighttime urination frequency and decreased residual urine. The percentage of patients with painful urination decreased from 75% to 37%. The effectiveness of the herb was considered to be good to excellent in more than 80% of the cases, and good to excellent tolerability was reported by more than 95% of users. In an analysis paper on the clinical trials of Saw Palmetto published by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that men given Saw Palmetto were twice as likely to report an improvement in symptoms as those given a placebo.

prostrate Lycopene: Lycopene is a potent anti-oxidant and is found in high concentrations in healthy prostate tissue. Several research studies have suggested that the chances of prostate disease may be decreased by taking Lycopene as a supplement. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage. It is very helpful in promoting a healthy prostate. It is one of the most important carotenoids in the Western diet and can be found in tomatoes and tomato products. It accounts for approximately 50% of all carotenoids in human serum.

prostate supplement Pygeum Africanum: Relieves urinary symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate. Pygeum extracts have been used for more than 30 years in Germany and Austria for patients suffering from prostate enlargement. Currently, Pygeum is the most commonly used medicine in France for BPH, backed by many double-blind studies pointing to its efficacy for reducing urinary symptoms. Pygeum contains phytosterols which have been shown to reduce inflammation by inhibiting/reducing prostaglandin production, an important factor causing prostate enlargement. Indications are pygeum reduces inflammation in the prostate gland, promoting urination. All studies indicate that this herb works differently than Saw Palmetto, so the cumulative effect of using both is to your advantage. Clinical trials have found that men tolerate pygeum treatment well and that it's most effective in cases of mild to moderate prostate enlargement. According to studies, you'll need at least 100 mg of standardized pygeum africanum extract a day.

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Quercetin: Chronic prostatitis (CP) is marked by pelvic pain and also irritation or obstruction during urination, all unrelated to pathogenic bacteria. More than 2 million men a year are prompted by such symptoms to visit a doctor. One remedy may be the flavonoid quercetin, abundant in red grape juices and wines, apples, tea, and onions. Recent studies have shown that the antioxidant Quercetin was used for CP with noteworthy success. Quercetin was tested as a treatment for chronic prostatitis in a non-blinded study by researchers at the Institute for Male Urology in Encino, Calif. In the trial, an encouraging 59 percent of the subjects improved.
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Zinc: It is an important nutrient in promoting and maintaining prostate health. Zinc is more abundant in a healthy prostate than in any other organ. Research studies have shown that zinc deficiencies contribute to prostate enlargement. For example, studies have found that an inflamed prostate contains only 10% of the zinc found in a healthy prostate gland.
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Vitamin B-6: Zinc and vitamin B-6 are included in this formula because they are required for proper hormone metabolism and they help prevent prostate enlargement. B-6 also helps to body absorb the zinc.
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Vitamin E: According to a recent study of thousands men in Finland. "This study for the first time really gives us that ray of hope that with something simple like a vitamin supplement, in this case a vitamin E supplement at a relatively modest dosage, that we can actually intervene, can actually hope to prevent prostate [disease]," said study co-author Dr. Demetrius Albanes.

prostate enlarged Stinging Nettles: A study conducted in France had 67 men with various degrees of BPH take stinging nettle extract for up to six months. The treatment significantly reduced the number of night time trips to the toilet, especially in men with mild BPH. Symptom relief was achieved in as little as three weeks in those with the mildest BPH.

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