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You can go to any drug store or vitamin shop and find shelves upon shelves of different prostate supplements. Most of them are ineffective powders or have minuscule dosages all bogged down with binders, fillers and empty promises.

And for some people, taking something--anything--is enough.

But Prostavar goes way beyond what you're going to find in any other prostate supplement.  Independent tests have confirmed it.  And that's because Prostavar is commited to your prostate health. It was designed for men who are looking for serious levels of support.  And that's EXACTLY what you'll get with Prostavar!

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Now it's up to you to see what Prostavar can do for you. And how it will deliver the confidence and assurance you need to live the way you want to live...and:
Sleep soundly through the night!
Play all 18 holes of golf!
Take a long car ride with your wife!
Play in the park with your grandkids!
Most people notice a difference within just a couple of weeks. But week after week, Prostavar will continue to support your prostate and strengthen your bladder -- reaching the best results after a full two months of use!
That's why you have a full two months to put Prostavar to the test, RISK-FREE!!

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